Alegra Skin Care & Day Spa

Alegra Skin Care & Day Spa

Alegra Day Spa has gone out of business and is no longer accepting appointments.  Click “contact us” for inquiries.

San Diego’s Premier Facial Salon & Day Spa

Alegra Facial Salon & Day Spa in San Diego offers superior, unique products and therapies that heal and rejuvenate the skin. We take pride in our services because all of the San Diego Facial Salon spa therapies are personally customized for your skin type and condition.

You’ll be happy to hear that our salon facials include “no-down-time peels” for skin health and revitalization, and that we also offer facial skin rejuvenation, microcurrent facials, microcurrent toning, microcurrent treatment for body lifting, body wraps, massage and a variety of day spa waxing services.

Here at the Alegra Facial Salon & Day Spa in San Diego you’ll bask in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere that will enhance your spa experience.

Our San Diego spa personnel are highly trained and committed to offering the most professional and up-to-date skin care and body treatments available.

Each salon specialist is friendly, welcoming, and dedicated to helping people so that our treatments are not only effective, but also infused with a generous dose of pampering and relaxation.

In addition, you’ll find a clean, simple, and warm environment with none of the spa pretentiousness or attitude you may sometimes find in other locations.

New, exciting services are always added to enhance our San Diego spa menu–such as our state of the art microcurrent treatment.

Did you know that our Jade machine helps us provide a non surgical face treatment or a non invasive face lift, or microcurrent treatment for body lifting or body toning?

Imagine, all the benefits with no injections, no surgery, no pain, no recovery time, while also being more affordable!

Take a minute to find out more about these invigorating microcurrent treatments for face and body here in San Diego.

Another unique aspect of the Alegra Facial Salon is that we use Physician’s Care Alliance (PCA) professional products in all of our facial peels and other skin peel treatments.

After your salon facial you’ll be able to enjoy PCA home care products because they are available for purchase at the spa to assist you in continuing your skin care in the comfort and privacy of your own home - green wellness.

The Alegra Facial Salon & Day Spa in San Diego has a huge commitment to hygiene. So, we adhere to the very highest standards of hygienic procedures by wearing gloves during sterile procedures and we use a new set of gloves on every person.

You won’t find any of Alegra’s specialists wearing acrylic nails nor will you find anyone here dipping our fingers, or gloved hands, into product jars.

Plus, we use Perfect Sense massage treatments and so never dip any guest’s hands or feet directly into the paraffin wax.

And you won’t find any “double dipping” of any waxing sticks here.

All implements are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant after each use and you can take comfort in knowing that our regular protocol is to sanitize machines, accessories and makeup brushes between guests.

We pride ourselves in taking extra steps to prevent any cross-contamination during our work and provide freshly laundered sheets and towels for every guest.

Have a question about any of our hygienic procedures? Just ask, we’ll be happy to help set your mind at ease.